My name is Joshua Albers.

Many people have tried to place me under many titles and labels, but thanks to Jesus I find no identity in them and can wear them like costumes.

I work for the Navigators of Canada as a Student Worker, working with Post Secondary students as they engage their faith with Jesus, and discipling them to become labourers for the Kingdom next door to everyone.

It’s a mouthful, I know.

I am single…so…ladies (insert wink here).

I am seeking to address the status quo when it comes to Christian Culture here in the west.

I am tired of events based ministry and events becoming a pretence to Relationship.

I believe that the high point of my “Christian Career”, or anyone else’s for that matter, is not about inviting people to my church service, but about going out and developing authentic, agenda free, meaningful relationships.

I love my church, I just believe that the first place my friends are going to meet Jesus isn’t in my church building, but on the pages of my life. This includes both my successes and my failures. Of which there seems to be more of the latter.

I am all about discipleship and mission, and I want to challenge others to change the way we have been doing them. It’s time to realise that these do not happen in academia but in the wild uncertainty of life on life. These things go down “In the Field” as we go about living.

I am a massive fan of the “Slow Way”. It’s great to want to change the lives of thousands, and the way Jesus did that was to invest in just a few. Let the people close to you see the transformation in your heart so Jesus can start to work on their’s.

I love Pub’s and the fellowship that can often come over a pint.

I love the same thing over a cup of tea or coffee.

I love the cultural insights in film and narrative.

I love story telling in all of its forms: Movies, Music, Art, Literature (in all its variety), Games, conversation, etc.

I love Field Notes Brand notebooks. I go absolutely nerdy for them. Ask any of my students, and once they are done rolling their eyes, they’ll tell you.

I love getting into the word. You’ll need to bear with me as you go through my blog because it would seem I am not done growing and that is likely to be reflected in the words I write.

I believe in two year developments of idiocy. I am way smarter than I was two years ago and I’ve got this thing we called life all figured out. It is likely I will feel the same way in two years.

I am not about debate, or hermeneutics, or academic ego stroking. I am about love, and encouragement and communities of grace and transformation.

I hate running. It seems directionless and without purpose. I do it anyway though. Firstly because I get to hang out with people important to me.  Secondly because it seems to make me healthier.

I can be intensely individualistic and I cannot stand when people are being inauthentic. I have a nose that can sniff out when folks are trying to present themselves as anything other than themselves. I want to get to know you, not the one you think I should know.

Fair warning, it is likely you are going to read the words “[movie title/movie character name] Theory” a lot.

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